Lone Tree, CO

Correct any skin condition and heal the compromised skin with Electro-Sonic Ionzyme DF Technology.



  • Fine Lines
  • Laxity
  • Dehydration
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Blemish Prone Skin

Environ is an internationally acclaimed professional skincare line known for its exceptional science based technology. Founded by world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Dez Fernandez from South Africa, these research-based products and technology truly transform the skin.

It’s widely regarded as the most powerful tool available today for boosting the absorption of vitamins and serums into the skin.

A Treatment Plan with the Ionzyme DF Machine is Carefully Formulated for each Client to Achieve the Maximum Results:EYELID REFINEMENT

What is Environ Ionzyme DF Facial?

The Environ Ionzyme® DF Machine combines two advanced technologies: low-frequency sound waves (Sonophoresis) and pulsed electric current (Iontophoresis) This dual electro-sonic tech boost skin permeability, maximizing the intake of crucial vitamins, antioxidants, and growth factors needed to restore a healthy and radiant skin. It’s scientifically proven to enable up to 40 times better penetration of specially selected active serums, personalized for your treatment.

How Often Should You Get an Environ Ionzyme Facial:?

Restoring what the skin has lost can result in a firmer, healthier, and gorgeously radiant appearance. Following a suggested regimen of 6-12 Environ Ionzyme® DF treatments within a month can aid in addressing specific skin issues. Once the desired results are achieved, a monthly 30-minute treatment is advised for maintaining the outcomes.

Allow us to assist you in tailoring your daily skincare routine with professional products to achieve optimal results.