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Laser skin resurfacing reduces wrinkles and scars, evens out skin coloring, tightens skin and removes lesions.



Opus Plasma is an advanced skin treatment that uses two modalities – plasma and radio frequency – to help rejuvenate and renew the complexion. This innovative technology is used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other medical professionals who specialize in facial aesthetics. When it comes to skin care, there are few technologies as effective as Opus Plasma.

Plasma is a form of energy that helps to create and reshape the skin. Through a process called sublimation, plasma causes tiny explosions in the targeted area which removes dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production. This allows for smoother, healthier, younger looking skin without any damage to healthy tissue surrounding it.

Radio frequency (RF) is a form of energy that is used to heat the deeper layers of the skin. When RF penetrates into the dermis, it stimulates collagen production and increases cell metabolism. This results in tighter, firmer skin as well as improved tone and texture. Additionally, radio frequency can help reduce wrinkles, scarring, sun damage, age spots, and other signs of aging.

The combination of plasma and radio frequency makes Opus Plasma an extremely effective skin treatment. Most clients report noticeable improvements after just one session, with even more visible results over time with additional treatments. The plasma-less procedure also helps reduce the risk of side effects common to other skin treatments, such as redness, irritation and peeling.

Clients who come in for Opus Plasma treatments can feel confident that they are getting the latest technology to help improve their skin. The effectiveness of this advanced treatment cannot be overstated – from younger looking skin to a more even complexion, clients report extremely positive results with noticeable improvement after just one session. With regular use, this revolutionary technology can help keep your skin looking youthful and refreshed for years to come.

Opus Plasma is truly revolutionizing skin care treatments. Its combination of plasma and radio frequency work together to create a more effective skin rejuvenation treatment with fewer side effects than traditional techniques. Add in the fact that it produces visible results after just one session, and it’s no wonder why it is so popular among medical professionals and clients alike. If you’re looking for a safe, effective way to achieve younger looking skin, Opus Plasma may be the perfect solution.

What is Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing?

Opus Fractionated Plasma features an anti-aging skin treatment solution that makes the skin look smoother, younger, and healthier. The novel technology utilizes electric-plasma technologies to create small channels inside the skin that facilitate induced collagen production.

Is Opus Plasma Like The Plasma Pen?

Opus features a much more advanced technology than the plasma pen. It generates true plasma due to its higher radio frequency rates (over 40MHz), offering patients less downtime and ideal results. In contrast, Plasma Pens are known to burn the skin, even though they only use 1 – 2 MHz of energy from RF.

How Much Downtime Will I Have?

The first 48 hours are the most sensitive and the most susceptible to swelling, redness, and burning. We provide post-care serums and options to minimize that discomfort, so our clients find it very tolerable. Days 3 to 5 you will notice microcrusting and dryness, which may last up to 6 or 7 days post treatment.

Generally, our patients take 2 days of social downtime and feel well enough to cover their skin with tinted moisturizer for the remainder of the week.

Can I Wear Makeup After Opus Plasma?

Immediately after treatment, you might experience redness and irritation, which generally goes away quickly. The skin can become flaky and dry for about three to seven days. Notwithstanding, you can still achieve your normal skin color and texture by wearing a light-tinted moisturizer 48hours after your procedure.

Can Opus Plasma be Used on Dark Skin?

Yes! Opus Plasma is ideal for all skin types. So, it is recommendable for anyone looking to achieve better skin texture.

Can I Treat Areas Other Than My Face?

Yes! Opus Plasma is ideal for treating all around the body. You can expect to see remarkable results when you use Opus Plasma on your knees, hands, for stretch marks, or anywhere else. Opus is effective for multiple skin texture issues.


Droopy or sagging eyelids not only are a sign of aging but can reduce peripheral vision or prevent your eyes from opening completely. Rather than having a surgical procedure to remove excess tissues from your eyelids, a series of our laser treatments can greatly reduce laxity and tighten the tissues.


Non-ablative laser treatment options like ClearLift have become popular, and many patients are taking to the trend. With regular treatments, this solutions offers reliable and effective means to take years off your appearance. ClearLift utilizes an innovative laser technology that offers multiple rewarding benefits. To add to that, the treatment takes away the need for any lengthy recovery periods, as it’s virtually painless and offers minimal to no downtime.

Can ClearLift Get Rid of Aging Signs?

Indeed, one may not be able to protect their skin forever, no matter how healthy one might feel. The years of sun damage and airborne toxins can begin to take their toll in due cause, bringing those aging signs we never want to see. Combating aging signs become a more daunting task when the skin can no longer produce enough elastin and collagen. Because of this, patients can start to experience such cosmetic symptoms as marionettes, nasal folds, and drooping eyelids. ClearLift uses acoustic light to stimulate the tissues and regenerate collagen and elastin. This in turn strengthens the tissues and allows skin to appear more youthful.

Who is the Ideal ClearLift Candidate?

Unlike several other options within this category, the ClearLift solution is ideally designed for anyone who no longer feels satisfied with the appearance of their face and neck. ClearLift has a remarkable history of providing fantastic solutions to adult patients of all skin types and skin colors. The list includes patients who’ve been turned down for traditional facelifts, as well as patients from all ethnic diversities.

How Does ClearLift Work?

The average patient might require up to three or six regular treatments, which typically take about an hour. During the procedure, light penetrates deep into your skin, without disrupting or causing injury to the surface. It is virtually painless! With regular treatments, you can can rid your skin of cosmetic abnormalities, tighten folds, and stimulate the production of collagen.

What are the Benefits of ClearLift?

For starters, ClearLift provides a rapid, extremely comfortable, and highly effective treatment solution. Patients can go in and out of their appointments in an hour without requiring any anesthetics. Also, even though fillers are generally permitted with this treatment, many patients prefer to use ClearLift alone. Results have been known to last over two years, depending on the patient’s age and state of skin health. Generally, healthier aftercare results in longer-lasting results. ClearLift brings youthful, tight, smooth-looking skin closer to your fingertips than ever before. Looking and feeling better about your appearance without the use of harmful cosmetic procedures is only a call away. You only need to contact any of our offices, and we’ll have all of your skin issues addressed.

How is ClearLift Different From Other Lasers

ClearLift utilizes acoustic light to gain access into deeper skin layers and regenerate collagen. It doesn’t ablate the skin (destroy or remove). As such, the process is virtually painless, and there are no downtimes, even though it is a significantly slower skin tightening process. Patients are recommended to take anywhere between 3 to 6 monthly treatments. ClearLift reduces pigmentation, tightens pores, and softens wrinkles and fine lines. Regular treatments with ClearLift result in a clearer, cleaner, tighter, softer, more rejuvenated, and plumped, lifted appearance.

Is ClearLift Similar to Microneedling?

Although both treatments aim to increase collagen production, there’s a dividing line between Microneedling and Laser treatments. Lasers (especially ClearLift) integrate photo acoustic light to gain accuracy and target more specific areas, which would be difficult to reach otherwise. This way, they also stimulate collagen regeneration without damaging any surrounding skin tissues. Also, since there isn’t any needle involved during the procedure, there is no risk of pain due to numbing and no downtimes.

How is ClearLift Different From Microneedling?

Microneedling involves using mechanical methods to force the skin to heal by creating thousands of tiny channels of injury around the treatment areas. Often, numbing of the treatment areas is applied to ease the discomforts it may cause the patient. This is usually followed by some downtime afterward.

Alternatively, however, ClearLift lasers can offer faster results without any risks of injuries, downtimes, or discomfort generally. Usually, patients can see results within 3 to 6 treatments, and the results last longer.

Can ClearLift Treat Melasma?

YES! Though Melasma is a life-long condition that needs to be managed, ClearLift uses unique settings to mitigate the pesky pigmentation. ClearLift is ideal for melasma as it uses photo acoustic light rather than thermal energy, which is a main contributor to melasma. The laser energy specifically targets the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) in the dermal- epidermal junction to stimulate the tissue to create new cells without the melanocytes. In the process, it disintegrates the cells that carry the melanocytes to reduce future pigmentation issues.

Can ClearLift be Used on Dark Skin?

YES! ClearLift is safe on all skin types and most body parts.


Alma Lasers Harmony XL Pro Dye-VL laser incorporates a combo of IPL and dye laser technologies. Dye VL is the “Gold Standard”in anti-aging, discoloration, rosacea, port-wine stain, and sun damage. The laser also incorporates Alma’s proprietary In-Motion™ protocol to ensure maximum patient comfort while minimizing any risks of unwanted side effects.

At The Firm Med Spa, Harmony XL Pro is used for a variety of laser treatments. The system offers multiple applications suitable for the treatment of various skin conditions. Dye-VL, one of the brand’s more popular modules, is effective, especially for treating pigmented lesions.

The Dye-VL is highly customizable, safe, and incredibly effective. It features an advanced IPL (Intense Pulse Light) working mechanism that functions using a narrow band of pulsating light. In addition, the Broad Base Light offers incredible precision during treatment. This way, we can treat the exact spots where a blood vessel or lesions causes an irregular skin tone without causing any damage to the rest of the skin.

Dye-VL offers treatment by penetrating the skin’s pigment or melanin to reduce darker skin patches. In addition, the technology also utilizes In-Motion™ protocol to enhance all-round comfort for the entire duration of the treatment. As a result, the laser’s heat is applied more gradually, compared to other treatment options. This way, patients don’t only receive the desired effect but can also get it in a much more comfortable manner.

What Can Dye-VL be Used For?

Dye-VL is intended for vascular lesions and pigment reduction. Several types of vascular lesions or birthmarks as well as pigment are treatable using Dye-VL, including:

· Port wine stains (a deep red or maroon mark on the skin)

· Rosacea (Persistent redness, resulting in a flushed appearance)

· Hemangioma (also called a “strawberry mark”)

· Sun spots

· Liver spots

Is Dye-VL The Right Treatment For me?

Dye-VL is an effective treatment for the removal of vascular lesions. However, some experts advise the patients to seek alternative treatments. The primary reason is that the client should not expose the treated area to the sun for no less than a month. Hence, the client may need to wait for a while before booking a Dye-VL appointment as dictated by the lifestyle or time of the year.

Furthermore, certain medical conditions are contraindicated for Dye-VL treatment such as epilepsy, vitiligo, or an infectious illness. Similarly, pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised not to have this treatment. People who take medications with side effects related to photosensitivity should also abstain from Dye-VL.

You can book a session with us if you feel Dye-VL treatment aligns with your skin goals. We have expert clinicians who are ready to provide prompt responses to any of your questions. Also, they will help you decipher the most suitable treatment for your skin condition.

How Many Treatments do I Need?

Typically a series of 3 Dye-VL treatments are needed for optimal results.

Does Dye VL Treat Melasma?

No, melasma is triggered by heat. Dye VL and IPL use heat when targeting the abnormalities.


We incorporate state-of-the-art laser treatments paired with professional products for dramatically improved results. As many factors determine what treatments are best, we encourage a consultation to review specific options for each individual. Our skin tightening laser solutions include ClearLift and Opus plasma. We offer chemical peels, facials, and three professional product lines to provide an arsenal to combat aging